EMV Card Instant Issuance

EMV Card Instant Issuance

  1. Plug and Play, Simple to install.
  2. No on premise technology to manage.
  3. Minimal in house IT and Admin expertise required.
  4. Full service support for day-to-day operations.
  5. Cost effective compared to other providers.
  6. Secure and reduntant Card Management System (CMS).

Our in-branch instant issuance solution
provides banks, credit unions and other financial institutions the ability to implement instant issuance capabilities at each of its branch locations. Our instant issuance implementation enables EMV standard and/or Contactless Only, Prepaid, Debit and Credit card issuance at branch locations. Gift card instant issuance is adaptable at local stores, as well, in the application. Loyalty card production and program management can be part of the solution, also.

Our instant issuance implementation runs from a primary and disaster recovery (DR) data center enabling a fully redundant and highly resilient network infrastructure.

Our system can handle multiple locations, a wide array of instant issuance printer options that can deliver flat print outputs. This flat card is dominant at 90% overshadowing expensive embossed version. Additionally, the solution supports multiple enrollment and PIN management stations issuing multiple BINs and affiliated card products.

Our system is comprised of three primary layers:

Cloud Based solution which hosts all hardware and software associated with the personalization data generation and integration with advanced Card Management System (CMS).

Branch Location(s) enabled for instant issuance on demand between the CMS and branch location. The entire data transfer process is implemented with a secure messaging algorithm to provide superior and complete message confidentiality, authentication and integrity.

Web Based Software that facilitates the following operations using remotely hosted web interface at branch locations:

  • Card Issuance functions
    • New Card Requests
    • New Supplementary Card Requests
    • Card Replacement Requests
  • PIN Management functions
    • PIN Selections
    • PIN Changes
    • PIN Resets
  • Card Quality Control capabilities
  • Complete Inventory Control including card and consumables replenishment management

Compatible Card Printer Options

For Reseller Information call: 973-383-9833

Integrated Launch Services

To make it as easy as possible for you to roll out a new card or program, you can choose to use our turnkey launch solution — a “one-stop shopping” experience that gets your program configured and your cards issued quickly, seamlessly and effectively.

With the relationships we have developed with our industry partners, we can deliver your fully operational program within 45 days.

We take care of everything, including:

·       Program design

·       Card design and production

·       Personalization and fulfillment

·       Marketing and publicity

·       Integrating a loyalty offer

·       Fraud management

·       Designing and implementing a mobile payments solution

And we can do all this whether you have a traditional card fulfillment program or want to provide your customers with cards on an instant issuance basis.